The reasons people participate in Dry January are varied, but the good news is, the availability of flavorful non-alcoholic beer is now widespread. In fact, non-alcoholic beer is the fastest-growing segment of the beer market. Craft Brewing Companies based on volume (up from 27th position in the year prior). It is a gateway to freedom and a proclamation of progress. As we go through the process of Step One, we are moving from a lack of awareness into an awareness of the reality of this disease and the possibility of change.

In the long term, maintaining abstinence from alcohol and drugs requires a lot of effort. The most effective way to stay sober is by using the tools of recovery. This includes attending meetings regularly, powerless over alcohol getting counseling, practicing mindfulness, and staying connected with others who share similar struggles. When you admit that you are powerless to addiction, you are empowered to reach out for support.

Tell Someone if You Feel Like Drinking

The AA first step, admitting powerlessness and acknowledging the unmanageability your addiction brings, is a crucial leap toward lasting recovery. It’s a moment of profound self-realization and humility, opening the door to hope, healing and transformation. Remember, the 1st step AA is not the end but the beginning of a brighter future. If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction or drug addiction, please contact us now at FHE Health for compassionate help and support.

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As a part of treatment at MARR, our clients complete a First Step Inventory, which includes examples of powerlessness and unmanageability from various areas of life. This assignment starts to create awareness of how this disease damages one’s life. When you lay it all out, you will see that you did not have control in those moments. The accountability and encouragement in meetings and therapy break the power of secrecy where addiction thrives.

The Serenity Prayer is a central mantra of many recovery communities. It demonstrates the paradox of powerlessness and the role of surrender. I’ll just have one or maybe two; I can drink just one more day then stop, I’ll just smoke marijuana that’s not that bad, or I’ll only drink on the weekends, etc.