With improved energy, many people in addiction recovery finally get the motivation to embark on an exercise routine. Working out in the gym or finding other ways to get physical activity increases dopamine and creates a feel-good effect. Exercise can also help decrease cravings from drug addiction and alcohol abuse. When you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, you sometimes don’t realize all the areas of your life that are negatively affected. Depending on how long you’ve struggled with a substance use disorder, you may have grown accustomed to unfulfilling aspects of your life. You may never make the connection to addiction until after getting sober.

why sobriety is better

Movements like Sober September serve as a reset or cleanse after periods of heavy drinking. It may be a way to kick off long-term sobriety or test out what staying sober might feel like. That self-control has to be a learned behavior for many drinkers looking to cut alcohol out of their lives.

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Am I ever going to be able to have fun again without drinking or using substances? Well, we are here to tell you that the benefits of sobriety far outweigh the downfalls. In fact, living a sober life is the best decision that you can ever make.

  • Therefore, when you become sober, your weight will likely stabilize itself.
  • Your choice of “fun” isn’t limited to where they’re serving alcohol anymore.
  • As you maintain sobriety, you’ll notice significant physical changes when looking in the mirror.

You know what they say, don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Addiction is a chronic disease that gets progressively worse when left untreated. I wish I could say that because I no longer drink, I don’t do the monkey mind, worst-case-scenario thing anymore, but I do.

A New Lease on Life

By replacing time you would have spent with them with quality time spent with your friends or family, the bonds with positive people will strengthen. This will make staying in long-term recovery even easier, and you’ll feel much better emotionally, mentally, and physically. Rebuilding broken trust may take time, but now you’ll have the time to make it happen. For many people who don’t have healthy relationships with themselves, substance misuse can be a way to mask that discomfort.

Others say late-night eating after a night of substance abuse was the norm, and sobriety has helped them eat healthier and achieve a healthy weight. It sounds cliche, but you will experience more of the joys and freedoms of life when you’re no longer bound to a substance use disorder. Sobriety is linked to mental health and clarity, and strong mental health is linked to life with minimal stress and maximum peace. You’ll have more time and desire to do productive things like go for a hike, finish a project or start a new hobby.

Love Thyself

Once you stop using, your mind begins to heal, lessening your stress, anxiety, and depression levels. Sobriety also enables you to appreciate the small things in life and teaches you to live in the moment, increasing your overall happiness. If you want to be truly present in your life, sobriety is the answer.

why sobriety is better

So, you should become sober if you want your memory to improve. This is especially the case if you’re taking depressants or downers. Abusing substances can also lower your energy due to the fact that substances often rewire the parts of the brain that control your mood. Since your mood affects your energy, the rewiring of your brain can cause you to lose energy as well.

Improved Relationships

Conversely, sober living has a positive domino effect on your life. An alcohol-free life can lead to better sleep, higher self-esteem, and better overall health and wellness. If you’re seeking to increase your mental health through sobriety, but don’t know where to start, or just need some added encouragement, Real Recovery can help.

  • Instead of drinking until the early morning hours, you now give yourself a chance to rest earlier and get quality sleep.
  • With this newfound knowledge, you have a chance to become your most genuine self and create a life that brings you joy.
  • That often leads to being unable to see or enjoy the good as well.

You can find healing in sobriety from the poisonous effects of drugs and alcohol on your self-esteem and your overall health. You can regain your confidence in all aspects of your life as you find redemption in recovery. This is because addicts spend most of their time looking for drugs or alcohol, getting high or drunk, or recovering from the bender. When https://www.healthworkscollective.com/how-choose-sober-house-tips-to-focus-on/ someone is living a sober life, they have much more time to improve their life and spend it doing meaningful activities and hobbies with themselves, with friends, or with family. At Silver Linings Recovery Center, we provide a variety of inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs and therapy services to help you get back to living a sober life.

And that process takes time.

It’s like being able to see the bright blue sky after a foggy day. Without a reliance on substances, you will be better able to build lasting relationships and get closer to family and friends. When you go sober, you’ll be able to complete daily tasks with improved efficiency. Your focus and sober house attention span will improve, allowing you to do more. You’ll also have better decision-making skills for problem-solving and time management. Addictions have five stages of recovery, and over time, sobriety can help you feel less anxious and, as a result, more patient and understanding.